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Hart Schaffner Marx

Hart Schaffner Marx - Branding an American Legend

Hart Schaffner & Marx, the company, is the founding entity of what is known today as the Hartmarx Corporation. It has a 119 year heritage as the leading American clothing manufacturer and marketer.Hart Schaffner Marx, the brand, is the flagship brand of the Hartmarx portfolio.

Hart Schaffner Marx Timeline:

1887 - The firm of Hart Schaffner & Marx is established by Harry and Max Hart, Joseph Schaffner and Marcus Marx.
1890 - HSM salesmen go on the road selling readymade clothing to retailers from swatches clipped from mill purchases.
1897 - HSM launches a national advertising effort to the amazement and amusement of competitors.
1900 - HSM utilizes the advertising to announce another first, their "guaranteed all wool" policy.
1906 - HSM is the first company to introduce proportioned suits with "Basic Body" types.
1911 - HSM provided for collective bargaining and arbitration to its employees, which recognized the union with terms previously unheard of in the clothing industry. The agreement was so advanced that other clothing companies would not agree to it for over seven years. It later became a model for many other industries across the country.
1912 - Hart Schaffner & Marx becomes a corporation.
1914 - The famous horse and rider trademark first appears in the Saturday Evening Post.
1917 - HSM introduces the world’s first tropical weight wool suit, the famous "Dixie Weave".
1917 - HSM established the first fabric testing laboratory operated by a clothing a manufacturer in this country.
1924 - HSM expands its operations by acquiring retail stores, beginning with the purchase of New York clothier, Wallachs.
1936 - HSM causes quite a stir in the industry by introducing the zipper in men's pants.
1937 - HSM celebrates its 50th anniversary highlighting "fifty years of firsts".
1942 - During WWII, HSM once again geared up and factories switched from fashion to uniforms.
1953 - HSM introduces the first Dacron® polyester and wool blend suit.
1954 - HSM purchases Society Brand Clothes, its first major brand manufacturing acquisition.
1965 - HSM launches national advertising campaign featuring celebrity Bob Hope.
1973 - HSM makes an important French connection through a license agreement with Christian Dior Paris.
1983 - Hartmarx Corporation is the new company name.
1987 - HSM celebrates its 100th anniversary as an iconic American brand.
2008 - 121 years. From the Industrial Revolution to the Information Age, including 2 world wars, HSM, the original American suit maker has proven to be at the forefront of innovation.