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Guide for Measuring Your Best Fitting Shirt

Use this convenient guide to help you measure your best fitting shirt for the most accurate fit for your new, custom tailored shirt. If you find it helpful, fill out the form and print the page for your reference during checkout.

Neck Size:

Neck Measurement   Measure collar from MIDDLE of button hole to MIDDLE of button.
Chest Measurement:

Chest Measurement


Measure from seam to seam at the arm holes.

Waist Measurement:

Waist Measurement  

Measure seam to seam at waist, approximately eight inches below arm hole.

Hip Measurement:

Hips Measurement  

Measusre seam to seam at hips.

Sleeve Length:


Half Shoulder

Sleeve Measurement

Shoulder Measurement




To Get Perfect Sleeve Measurements:
Take two measurements.

E+ F = Left Sleeve Length

E+ F = Right Sleeve Length

E + E = Shoulder

Half Shoulder (From the center of the neck to the Shoulder Seam) enter in box no 1 below.

Sleeves (From the Shoulder Seam to the end of the Sleeve Cuffs) enter in box no 2 below. Repeat if necessary with other arm.

Shoulders Measure seam to seam. Measure seam to seam.

Back Length:


Bottom of collar band down to desired length.


Cuff Measurement  

Measure the actual wrist size over the wrist bone. Add 1/4" if you wear a thin watch, or add 1/2" if you wear a heavier watch.

Measure each cuff