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We guarantee everything we make for you.
Sam's Custom Tailors always believes in satisfied customers. We make our products according to customers instructions. If for any reasons you are not satisfied please call us at (800) 494-3120 and ask for Sam. He will personally make things right for you to be happy and remain our customer forever.

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We do not share your information with anybody.

We guarantee your security.
If you choose to purchase our shirts using the secure server option, all your personal information is encrypted before it is transmitted over the Internet. If you prefer not to enter your credit card online, you can call or fax your credit card information after you place your order online.

We offer 4 convenient ways to shop at Sam's Tailoring.

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Wardrobe Consultation

We want to help every gentleman look his best.
At Sam's Tailoring, we offer free wardrobe consultation because every man needs to look his best in this competitive and professional world. We know our product lines very well. This knowledge helps us to advise our customers in purchasing the right items that will coordinate with others. Let us help you shop - please call anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or write us an email if that is easier. We will personally assist you and we are always glad to help.

Expert Knowledge
We know our product lines inside and out. If you have a question on the fit of an item or it a tie matches a shirt, we will gladly advise you in your selections.

Our Rewards Program

Sam's Tailoring is now offering a rewards program for our loyal customers
Receive $50 off all orders over $250 immediately upon checkout when you use the coupon code EASY50. Offer applies to all qualifying single purchases of $250 or more.

Receive $100 off all orders over $500 immediately upon checkout when you include the coupon code EASY100. Offer applies to all qualifying single purchases of $500 or more.

Tailoring Tips

Note:Tailoring Tips are general guidelines for merchandise that can be purchased from Sam's Tailoring. These guidelines may be superseded by brand specific sizing which is posted on main designer pages when applicable.

Measuring for a Custom Tailored Shirt
We have provided two sets of instructions for measuring yourself for a custom tailored shirt. The first method, which gives the most accurateresults typically is having another person take your measurements. The second method is measuring from your best fitting shirt.

Does this sound familiar? Your dress shirt fits in the sleeves and collar but billows so much in the back and sides that you could smuggle a babyin it.  Fortunately, we offer slim and athletic fits at Sam's CustomTailor.

Tie Length
The bottom of your tie should hit the middle of your belt buckle. It's that simple.

Jacket Chest
If the lapels bow or the jacket creases when you button up, your suit jacket is too small. Conversely, you don't want to be able to fit a Kevlar vest beneath your jacket. It should lie flat against your chest.Our master tailor sizes your jacket appropriately, and then keeps the paper cutting pattern.

Suit Sleeves
Yoursuit sleeves should reach the crease of your wrist. Ideally, a smidgeof cuff should peak out. At Sam's Custom Tailor, we do it right.

Jacket Back Collar
No crease, no roll. Nice and smooth. Many tailors neglect the details that Sam's Custom Tailor will not overlook.

Your suit jacket should hug your shoulders. If the padding protrudes past them, the jacket is too big. Our master tailor tailors every suit to fit your needs.

A woman's figure can be described as hourglass ; the fit of a man's suit should not. You want something moderately tapered. And no matter how muscular you are, don't go too tight. Your jacket should drape, not constrict.

Jacket Length
Two things to remember: If the back doesn't cover your butt, it's too short. If you're unable to cup your fingers around the hem when you straighten your arms, it's too long. This is very important at Sam's Custom Tailor.

Flat-Front Pants
Flat-frontpants should fit almost like jeans around your hips. Because they are typicaly cut slim down the leg, they need very little break above the shoe, and they need not be cuffed. Our master cutter measures the perfect length.

Pleated Pants
Just below the navel is how you want to wear them generally with cuffs and with a more generous break than flat fronts. Sam's Custom Tailor is proud to perfect these details.

Excessive dry cleaning deteriorates the fabric, instead spot clean it and have it professionaly steamed and pressed when necessary.

Three Button Suit
Button only the middle button.Never button your bottom button, no matter what kind of suit it is.

Dark Shirts
Should be dry-cleaned to prevent fading.